Working on realLINGUA’s branding was real satisfying!

Go look at the realLINGUA Branding project page to see how Dang Harris Design was able to serve this client.

I’m going to pull an excerpt from realLINGUA’s own website, because I don’t think I can do a better job than them of putting into words how cool this new language learning method sounds!

At realLINGUA, we live and breathe language-learning.  

Tested and proven with actual foreign language learners just like you, our proprietary approach is the basis for everything we do here at realLINGUA.

From our revolutionary approach to second language learning to our innovative foreign language-teaching method, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, you’ll be using actual language from the very start!  You know, the stuff that’s used by native speakers in actual, everyday situations,  The stuff they never seem to put in textbooks.  Or teach in class.

With realLINGUA’sproven approach, you’ll learn real language from the very first time you log in to your custom-tailored-to-you language-learning experience.

Seriously – sounds amazing! I’ve been interested in learning other languages for about as long as I can remember, but I’ve always struggled to learn using the traditional method I was faced with in high school and college. In the end, I learned a little bit, but in a lot of ways, I almost feel like I picked up more foreign languages from watching movies and tv shows with subtitles!

When I was approached to design the branding for realLINGUA, and it was explained to me just what realLINGUA is, I got excited. That’s right, language excites me. It’s pretty important. So it was really important to me to do this project, and thankfully, as you can see, I did do this project.

<more to come>

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