Darrell Esch: Album Cover - Seconds & Centuries

Darrell Esch’s 1st solo album! The concept of the album artwork was based off of an idea by Darrell’s son.

Click the project link below to listen to and buy the album!

We also needed a Logo for Darrell’s solo efforts, and we wanted it to give off the country vibe of the music itself. 

The photos were taken in Muskegon, MI at a beautiful beach on Lake Michigan. Aging, cracking, and weathering of the watch were done in post production. No pocket watches were harmed during the photo shoot (actually, come to think of it, one almost got washed away by a surprise wave, but it was the cheap $5 one, not the one finally used for the actual cover, so….).


CLIENT: Darrell Esch

PROJECT DATE: March 2016

PROJECT TYPE: Album Cover, Logo, Photography

DESIGNER: Dan Harris

Come Home from Seconds & Centuries:


Come Home from Seconds & Centuries:


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