Self-Test Example

Hover your mouse over the two examples below.

On mobile, pinch and zoom to your heart’s content, paying specific attention to the edges of the letters.

These show you some fairly obvious signs of LRLD for you to check on.

Open your own logo in your choice of image viewers and zoom in as far as you can (instructions below). If you see symptoms that appear suspicious, then I’m afraid your logo is suffering from LRLD.


Note the jagged edges, blurred lines and general untidiness of this logo. These show clear signs of LRLD. You may have one or more symptoms. And while it may not look so bad at the size on your screen, you are severely limited in how and where you may display your logo.


Look how crisp and clean those lines are! This vector logo could be blown up the size of Mt. Rushmore and would be just as smooth as it is here!

Self-Test Instructions

Zoom in on your own logo in your browser or preferred image viewing software.

Common hot keys for browser zooming:
PC: Ctrl +/-
Mac: ⌘ +/-

If the best version of your logo doesn’t look as clean as the Vector example, then it’s likely you have had or will have problems displaying your Brand to its best potential, whether in print or on the web.

Click below to send us your best logo file (, and we will perform an examination to determine if, in fact, your logo is suffering from LRLD.

You know you’ve got a problem. Get on the road to recovery now!

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